THE THING FROM THE FUTURE: The Hall of Possibilities


Transform – Make – Artwork – Optimism

Transform, Make, Artwork, Optimism


Behold, the chosen one below.


Idea: Imagine a place called the Hall of Possibilities with paintings you walk into to live the future you desire … if only for a small period of time.  Proposed By Joy Buolamwini October 6, 2015

Still incomprehensible to me , I somehow came upon a painting from the Hall of Possibilities which will be constructed some time in the future.

The painting was unlike any other I have  encountered. I saw myself reflected in the scene portrayed. When I reached out to touch the canvas, my entire being was transformed. The possibilities depicted in the painting became my reality.

My cosmik ring shone, and my morph configured into a form that could navigate the environment depicted . I began to look like the person I directed my gaze toward in the painting. The longer I stared the more my appearance began to mirror the person in the painting. Soon I could no longer look away, and I became part of the painting. My only escape would be to catch the gaze of another viewer and trap them as I had been caught.

ENABLING TECHNOLOGY – The Painting From the Hall of Possibilities Can Be Created to an Extent…

  • Computer Vision techniques allow us to map an individual’s gaze patterns, determine what areas of an image are being attended to, and recognize objects in a scene.
    • Eye gaze tracking
    • Feature/Object Recognition
  • Computer Animation enables the morphing of one image into another
    • Morph Algorithms
    • For a complete morph to happen, eye gaze must be held for more than x seconds. (i.e 15 seconds)
  • Near Field Projectors + White Face Paint could be prototyped to enable the morphed image to be display on an onlookers face



Using the morphing mirror scenario conceived in my original body shifting post, add a  viewing area (VA) to accommodate a painting.



A painting  with a human or animal in the foreground is displayed on the viewing area (VA).

A CCD Sensor tracks the gaze patterns of the viewer of the painter. When the gaze focuses on the object in the foreground, the  morph mask module (3M) projects a morphing animation transforming the viewers face into the object she is viewing. The 3M could be the OMOTE technology shared above.  We can also use more affordable projection mapping software.